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Cleaning Your New Home

  • 2 years ago
Young woman standing indoors at home, cleaning windows.

At last moving day has arrived! You’re all excited about setting up your bedrooms, plugging in the PlayStation for a few games and luxuriating in your new bath.

Not so fast, however, because there’s quite a bit of work to do first. The vendors might not have done a great cleaning job before they left, or the place may have stood empty for a while, so you’ll need some elbow grease before your gaming thumb gets any action.

Here are our tips to make your moving-in clean that little bit easier.

Keep your cleaning supplies to hand

You need to get cracking with the cleaning as soon as possible once you get to your new home. Make sure all of your equipment and detergents are in the same box and that this box is clearly marked. If you have space in your car, take it with you rather than packing it into your moving van.

Start in the kitchen

You need to make sure that your fridge, hob and oven are clean and ready for use, especially if you’re bringing perishable foods with you. 

Then move onto the bathroom

You’ll all be using the bathroom while you unpack and set up other rooms, so you need to be confident that it’s sanitary and equipped with toilet paper and clean towels, as well as soap. 

Vacuum or sweep all the floors

No matter what your new floor coverings are, they’ll need a once over to get rid of any pet hairs left behind or dust that’s built up between occupants. It’s also a good idea to dust over any built-in shelves and cupboards.

Set your washing machine to a tub clean

If your vendors left a washing machine, do a tub clean to get rid of any stagnant water that may have accumulated in its pipes so that your first washing loads don’t come out smelling less than fresh.

Wipe down the walls

Unless your vendors recently redecorated, then giving the walls a quick clean is a good idea as this will remove any dust, mould or cigarette smoke that might be clinging to them. It’ll also help to prepare the walls for any decorating you plan to do.


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