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Extension or Garden Room?

  • 7 years ago

In these days of “improving rather than moving”, many families are opting to extend their living space rather than move to a bigger house. This solution works really well and it’s also a canny investment, as when they do come to move, the extra space pays off.

In previous decades people opted for a conservatory or a single-storey extension, but the garden room is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re looking to create more space for a growing family, a home-based job or a hobby, then you need to decide which solution is right for you.

Garden room or extension – you decide

If you’re looking to enlarge an existing room or space within your house, then it’s an extension for you! Usually people extend their kitchens or living rooms, sometimes creating a whole new space inside that can serve several purposes.

The good thing about extensions is that the homeowners don’t need to create an entire new room – if you only need a few metres of extra wriggle room, then you can have this with relative ease.

However, extensions do have a few provisos – you may be restricted by structural issues, plumbing or a neighbour’s veto. If your extension, which is a permanent structure, cuts off a neighbour’s light or causes another disruption, then you may have to scale back your design or abandon your plans altogether.

If you’re after a completely separate space – that hobby or start-up company needs its own room – then a garden room may well be your ideal option. The problem with extensions or conservatories is that they are still attached to your house, so they don’t offer much in the way of seclusion.

The other benefit of garden rooms is that you don’t usually need planning permission and you don’t have to dig up any foundations as you most likely won’t be installing any plumbing. You can have electricity, though, so you can work in light and warmth, or offer guests a comfortable, private place to stay.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be adding space and value to your home.

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