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Five Signs You’ve Finally Made It

  • 8 years ago

Five Signs You’ve Finally Made It

After years of student digs, house-shares and Borrower-sized studio flats and attics, followed by two-bedroomed doer-uppers in dodgy areas, you finally make it into your dream home. You’ve at long last reached the mid-to-upper rungs of that treacherous property ladder.

Are you sure you have? Here’s five signs.

Your bathroom has a window

It might even have two windows – imagine the luxury. If you’ve done your time in cramped flats where every bath is accompanied by a droning extractor fan, being able to recline in a spacious, airy bathroom – drenched in natural light – will feel like a release from prison.

You have a boot room

The bane of every house-proud small house owner is the front hall, where shoes, boots, wet umbrellas and bags congregate in a muddy mess, threatening to trip up anyone walking in unawares. Guess what? You can now shuck your damp stuff into its own holding area, where it can gently dry without even looking at your carpets.

You have a pantry

Or at least a room or outhouse that you can designate as one. Pantries are great because you’ll finally have room for all your baking pans, your pickle-making hobby and your 20kg bags of Jasmine rice. Bliss behind a door.

There’s a front and a back garden

What’s even better is the fact that they’re both big enough to, you know, move in. There’s a lawn, and some flagstones and a shed and a flowerbed… And that’s just the front garden. You’ll be searching for lost tribes in the back garden for months, it’s that big, honest.

Your under-the-stairs cupboard has real potential

Your pickles, your Jasmine rice, your baking pans, your umbrellas – no longer are they shoved higgledy-piggledy under the stairs, because they have their own rooms now. Yes, that UTS cupboard is being turned into a wet room, or maybe a tiny office. As soon as you make it home from your backyard safari, that is.

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