Focus on Your Garden If You Want to Sell

Added on June 6th 2018

Selling your home in the summer months can be really quite easy if you know what you’re doing. The UK’s short but glorious summers mean that drawing as much attention as possible to your garden is vital if you want a quick sale.

No matter how big or small, or what shape your outside space is, making the most of it is key to finding a buyer. However, you need to work out how to play to your garden’s strengths and minimise its weaknesses. You shouldn’t just run out and splurge your cash at the nearest garden centre as that life-size replica of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue might not suit your postage stamp-size lawn…

You won’t be able to fit in all the features you want, though, unless you have acres of rolling land at your disposal. Choose between a pond and a gazebo, or a cosy seating area and an outdoor kitchen, because chances are you don’t have room for both.

Think logically

You need to see which parts of your garden get the most sunlight, which bits are sheltered from colder winds and which are just perfect all year round. The sunnier parts could have seating and optional shade and the cooler areas could have that outdoor kitchen, for example.

No matter how small your garden is, it can take a path and a small decked or paved area. You need some paving so that you don’t come straight out into damp grass during the rainier months. Paths also add interest and can make the space seem larger and more complex, especially if you make sure the flowers and grass next to them are kept neat and tidy.

Draw in the city people

It seems that spacious but low-maintenance gardens really attract people who are moving out of cities, so if you’re rural, semi-rural or in a market town, then your garden could be a major feature for folks moving out of London. Many people are so keen to have a bigger outside space that they’ll make compromises on the size of the house!

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