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Garden Rooms Offer More than Just Peace and Quiet

  • 7 years ago

Garden Rooms Offer More than Just Peace and Quiet

A growing trend in home improvement is to add a garden room to a property. These detached rooms are becoming hugely popular, and for several very good reasons. They’re versatile and varied in design, add value to a home and can be used for many different purposes.

What are the advantages of a garden room?

A garden room is as individual as you are – you can choose from a range of sizes and interior layouts – and if you need extra space for a growing family or a home-based business, it’s much cheaper and easier than moving or building an extension.

Some people have dismissed them as “posh potting sheds”, where husbands retreat to get some peace and quiet, but they’re so much more than that. They can be a guest room, an office, a spare bedroom, a music room, a halfway house for a returning graduate, a gym, a playroom and a party venue.

Flexible design

A garden room can be a simple box, or it can be elegant and inviting. It can be as open or as private as you need it to be, which is especially useful for teenagers, overnight guests and artists.

It’s an easy solution

Garden rooms are easy to construct – there’s no real building work and certainly no walls to be bashed in with lump hammers because it’s detached from the house! The number and variety of designs means you can pick a virtually tailor-made model that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly.

The lowdown

Of course you can opt for a simple box if that’s your thing, but in reality, a garden room can be designed and kitted out to suit you and your needs down to the ground. Modern garden rooms have excellent insulation, so they’re for all-year-round use, and they can also feature modern LED lighting systems to save energy and create a unique look once the sun goes down.


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