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Getting a Quick Sale

  • 3 years ago

Once you’ve decided to put your property on the market, you’ll almost certainly want a rapid sale so that you can move into your new home and onto the next phase of your life. Sometimes, fast sales just happen while other people might find they languish in the listings for several months. 

While these different timescales are often down to luck (as well as great estate agents), there are several things you can do yourself to help things along a little.

Make sure you have an up-to-date EPC

Your Energy Performance Certificate is essential – your agent can’t market your property without it – so make sure yours is current. An EPC lasts for ten years and costs around £100, so if yours has run out, book a new assessment so that the report is available in good time.

Go to market at the best time of year

Spring is traditionally the best time of year to sell your property as everyone who postponed house-hunting for Christmas and New Year is hot to trot. Make the most of the suddenly longer days and warmer weather to attract buyers.

Engage the right estate agent

This is really important, as your agent will be doing most of the marketing, after all. If you’re lucky, your agent may already have a list of people looking for homes in your area, which is one of the reasons you should have all your paperwork ready…

Get your paperwork together

Engaging a solicitor, collecting title deeds, compiling the certificates for any structural work you’ve had done, or any planning consents, so that they’re all ready to present to your buyer, can save a lot of time.

Start off your own hunt

If you’ve got somewhere you want to move to, then this can increase the sense of urgency on all sides. A “well-motivated” vendor is a vital link in the chain and so you can encourage the other side to hurry along so that you don’t lose your dream property. 

Create an information pack for potential buyers

Your agent will know your area well, but you’ll know it really well. You’ll know that the corner shop owner sometimes closes 30 minutes early on Saturdays, how the old lady at number 77 likes to chat on summer evenings and what the local allotment waiting list is like at the moment. Added to the usual info about schools, GP surgeries and gyms, this micro-knowledge can provide that last little push a buyer needs to take the plunge.

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