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Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

  • 4 years ago
Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

Spring is the time of year when we cast off the winter gloom and get ready for longer days and summer fun. That winter gloom isn’t just a feeling or lack of light, though; it actually has a physical effect on your garden. Nothing much grows, your lawn might take a beating and your paths and guttering may be full of dead leaves.

It’s not great to look at no matter what your plans are, but if you’re planning to sell your property, it’s doubly important to tidy up your outdoor space. Here’s a quick guide to getting your garden ready for a spring sale.

Mow the lawn

Once the ground’s dried out a bit and the new grass is coming through, give it a trim. Do wait for the time to be right, otherwise you could end up scalping your lawn instead.

Reseed the lawn as well

Frost, perma-rain, dead leaves and poor drainage can leave your lawn looking very sorry come February, so it might be a good idea to reseed it once the temperatures are warm enough to sustain vigorous new growth.

Use “ready-made” flowers

If your flowerbeds are a bit bare still, you can always invest in some tubs and baskets of blooms to brighten up your garden. This might work best in the front garden, as it’ll greet viewers with a splash of colour and life as they walk up the path.

Trim bushes and any out-of-control climbing plants

If you’re a successful gardener then you might have some very impressive climbers and bushes. However, these plants can look either out of control or hard to care for, especially if your viewers don’t have your green thumb. Give them a good trim so that your garden looks low-maintenance and also to neaten the space up and open it out.

Get weeding

It’s the most boring task in gardening, but it really does make a big difference. You know it’s true.

Repair, remove or tidy up garden furniture

Take a look at things like garden chairs and tables, as well as barbecues, swing sets or other children’s toys and your gate, door and fencing. Anything that’s tatty, broken or simply not used anymore needs sprucing up, fixing or removing. One good trick, even if the weather’s rubbish, is to remove tarpaulins and covers from any furniture so that viewers can imagine themselves sitting on the decking, rather than staring at drizzled-upon shrouds.

Open the doors if possible

If you have French doors onto your garden, then open them if the weather’s not too foul. Just having that sense of freedom and fresh air is very appealing to viewers. If you’re worried about mud being tramped back into the house, then place doormats inside and out before every viewing.

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