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Have an Open House Day!

  • 6 years ago

Open house viewings are becoming more popular in the UK. Previously they’ve been more of a US and Mainland Europe thing, but UK sellers are starting to find out about the benefits. Here’s why you should host an open house.

Open house viewings save you time

These viewings involve several potential buyers looking all at once. You’ll save lots of time and energy this way; you won’t have to do a deep clean several times a week and then vacate the property for the duration, for a start. It also means that if one or two viewers don’t turn up, you haven’t wasted any time.

The viewers are more relaxed

When people go to a regular viewing, they might feel hindered by the presence of the estate agent and (sometimes) the vendor. If there’s several people moving around, especially in couples or small groups, then everyone feels more independent and less on the spot. It also means that everyone takes more time over the viewing.

There’s more chance of offers

Just seeing the competition can prompt people to make an offer, especially if the other parties seem enthusiastic about the place. Open house viewings can mean quicker sales and for much less effort on the part of the agent and you.

Buyers feel less pressure

Buyers don’t feel that they’re being funnelled around your property, spending just a few minutes in each room before being ushered to the next one. They can browse around and talk more freely to their viewing partner without feeling they’re on display or under interrogation lights.

They can see everyone else’s reactions

Watching and listening to other people’s reactions is a great way to get the most out of a viewing. A buyer might overhear someone talking about a flaw they hadn’t seen, or, indeed, something great that they overlooked. It’s also good for buyers to see how much competition there is for a property so that they can gauge whether to make an offer sooner rather than later.

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