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How Tenants Can Win Landlords Round

  • 7 years ago

No matter whether it’s the student, young professional or family sector, there’s stiff competition to bag a place to live if you’re a renter. Bigger towns and cities are particularly difficult places to find rental properties – not because there’s a deficit, but because each place has at least five other candidates vying for the keys.

There are a few things you can do to stand out from the crowd, though, so if you’re looking for a rental property, here’s how to win over the landlord or letting agent.

Have your reference information on you

If you like the property after viewing it, tell the agent or landlord that you’re all set to go and give them your details there and then. These details should include your employer, bank details and your references from previous landlords.

Walk the walk

Don’t just say you’re ready to move – be ready to move! If there’s one thing landlords and letting agents hate it’s a void, so if you can move in a week before the other guys, you could clinch it.

Mention your job

If you have a good professional job, or you’re a tradesperson in a steady industry like plumbing, then let the agent know. They want someone who’s responsible and will pay the rent. If you wear a suit to work, wear it for the viewing. If you’re a plumber, dress smartly and maybe arrive in your work van.

Go together

If you’re in a couple, or you’re planning to rent as a group of sharers, go at the same time. This is important because you’ll lose valuable time if you have to get Danny’s opinion and he’s not back from skiing until next Tuesday…

Be enthusiastic

Landlords like flattery and if you say their place is the best you’ve seen so far and you love the artisan bread shop three doors down and you promise to polish the brass doorknob once a month, you could be onto a winner. You should call the agent or landlord as soon as possible after the viewing to reinforce this message, too.

Offer a holding deposit

A decent letting agent will accept a holding deposit because it means you’re serious about moving in. If you don’t get the place in the end, you’ll get the deposit back and if you do, it should be deducted from your first month’s rent.

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