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How to Create the Best First Impression

  • 2 years ago

We’ve all heard how brewing fresh coffee before a viewing will subliminally influence people to offer 10% over your asking (ahem…) but there’s other ways to make a great first impression and they start before anyone walks up your garden path.

Get the best photography possible

Have a look through your local estate agents’ websites to see which ones have the best photos. You need images that work with your property and its internal and external spaces, as well as include enough detail. Decent professional photography can result in more online enquiries, which translates into viewings.

Include a virtual tour in your listing

A high-definition virtual tour (not a shaky vid of you walking through your property pointing out your favourite bedding plants) can really help. Not only does it filter out time wasters by letting people see the “flow” and size of the property, but it can increase engagement among the more serious prospects.

Make sure you have a plan – a floorplan

These days, floorplans are standard and many people will just scroll on by if they see a listing without one. If an agent doesn’t offer floorplans as part of its marketing package, then you need another one.

Hit up social media

Or at least, see how well your estate agent handles various social media platforms. To cast your net as widely as possible, your property should be put in front of people outside of your agent’s website, on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. By targeting people looking for properties like yours in your area, you’ll increase your viewings and, in turn, the chances of a quick sale.

Stand out from the crowd

You’ll almost certainly have your property featured on the UK’s biggest property portals – along with everyone else’s property. Ask your agent how they’ll make yours stand out from the rest to garner more impressions. Two great ways to increase engagement is to feature lots more photos than the competition and to include that virtual tour mentioned earlier.

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