How to Get the Best Price for Your Home

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Added on July 31st 2015

How to Get the Best Price for Your Home

  1. Set a realistic price in the first place

You should get three or four valuations from different agents and work out the average price. Don’t be tempted to go for the highest, no matter how exciting it is. Unrealistic asking prices will put potential buyers off and you’ll end up languishing on the market and eventually reducing the price anyway. Similarly, a low price may sell rapidly, but you could be short-changing yourself.

  1. Try to stay out of long chains

The longer the chain, the more likely there’ll be a weak link and your sale will fall through. This can tempt you into reducing your price just to attract more buyers or to help an interested buyer to gain the right amount of finance.

  1. Rent for a while if possible

This breaks the chain and gives you first-time-buyer status. A short-term rental means you can offer buyers vacant possession and many people will pay a bit extra for that luxury.

  1. Make sure your place has kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is the way your house looks to passers-by and it’s vital to make a good impression upon potential buyers. Remove kids’ toys from the garden, tidy up the hedge and flower beds and maybe even give the door and windows a lick of paint.

  1. Don’t rely too much on your estate agent

Of course estate agents are proactive and want to sell your place as soon – and for as much – as possible. However they’re not superhuman (despite what they say) and there are some things you can do to help. Consider an open day, for example. Open days are a growing trend in the property market and they guarantee lots of viewings. Make sure you’ve done your research about schools, crime stats and so on so that you can extol the virtues of your neighbourhood over canapés.

  1. De-clutter

It’s worth either sending non-essential items into storage until you move into your new place, or selling them. Anything lying around that doesn’t justify its existence should be put out of sight. This creates more space

  1. Tidy up and put a smile on your face

An untidy or smelly house is an immediate turn-off for many buyers. Rude or surly sellers are another big no-no. Moving is stressful and if someone thinks you’re going to make things worse, they’ll avoid you.

Other turn-offs include a garden with little or no privacy and visibly poor DIY. If you can remedy these flaws (with a hedge or a handyman), do it ASAP.

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