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How to View an Empty Property

  • 5 years ago

An empty property can often be overlooked or rejected by house hunters because, well, it’s empty. People may wonder what’s wrong with it for it to be unoccupied and also ask themselves how long it’s been “abandoned” for…

It’s possible that it’s the lack of furniture and “life” in the place puts off lots of potential buyers; whatever the reason, unoccupied houses and flats just don’t get the same amount of attention as busy, inhabited properties.

If you’ve spotted an empty house on the market and you’re feeling uncertain about putting an offer in or even viewing it, consider these tips before dismissing it out of hand.

Think about the bigger picture

The photos you see, and the physical structure you might go to view aren’t hiding anything. There are no curtains hiding a damp patch or rugs laid over dodgy floorboards, so you can see the place in all its glory (or not…), which allows you to make an honest appraisal.

Just use a bit of imagination

You know, the thing that’s like Photoshop, but is in your brain. Many people can’t see past the existing décor and furniture and so can’t put their own stamp on the place. One of the good things about an empty property is that it removes one layer (as it were) of difficulty, offering you a blank canvas to work with, rather than having to ignore the people and possessions already in the property.

There’s probably no chain

There’s more chance of a straightforward sale with an empty property, because you don’t have to wait for the owner to complete on their purchase. It also gives you more flexibility over your moving-in date, with far less risk of a fall-through.

The place may be unoccupied for a good reason

It’s almost certainly NOT haunted! The chances are that the place is empty because the owners have moved overseas for new jobs, or it’s a second home they’re looking to sell to release funds. Relax!

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