Ideal Interiors for Rental Properties

Added on November 12th 2016

Ideal Interiors for Rental Properties

If you’re about to venture into the rental business, a major consideration is your interiors, as they’ll help to attract and retain tenants, as well as to justify a decent monthly rental.

The aim is to go for a timeless, neutral look so it doesn’t date as quickly as, say, avocado bathroom suites and wood panelling on the lounge walls. A timeless interior won’t need much doing to it for a long time, and, as tenants come and go, they’ll be able to imprint themselves on the blank canvas you provide for them. This is what you need:

Natural materials

When you’re remodelling or updating your stairs, floors, kitchen and bathrooms, use as many natural materials as possible. Wood, marble, granite and quartz are hard-wearing, low-maintenance and take forever to date. The kitchen counters, stairs, shelves and bathroom suite are the major design elements people look at, so keep it natural, neutral and subtle.

Neutral colours

Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean white; it can mean off-white, soft grey, cream or light taupe. It’s important to present that blank canvas to tenants, but blank doesn’t have to mean boring, especially if you use slightly different shades.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

There’s no point in spending lots of time adding small decorative details and frills in your interiors. You need to keep it simple; not only is going a bit frou-frou and fiddling with a feature wall time-consuming, it can cost quite a bit too. And, it goes out of date surprisingly rapidly.

Incorporate loads of storage space

Tenants will really appreciate lots of storage space – shelves, simple wooden boxes, rows of hooks in the kitchen – and it’s also a great way to add features and interest to your interior. The good thing about shelving, hooks and boxes is that they can be plain, simple and timeless (do you see a theme developing?), whilst being useful and attractive to your prospective renters.


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