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Improve to Move

  • 8 years ago

Improve to Move

If you’re really keen to move, or if you think you can get a better price for your house if it’s freshened up a bit, then you could think about these easy (well, some not quite so easy…) ways to bring more life and more cash into the place before you go to market.

A medium-sized project is a kitchen or bathroom remodel. While these are easy and not too expensive, they don’t have a huge ROI and may be something to consider if you’re in a hurry to move rather than concerned about your selling price. Think about a new bath, new cupboards, a lick of paint, a new sink and new shower fixtures.

If you have more time and money, then get a bit more ambitious with your remodelling – a new floor, or a new bath and shower maybe. You could extend the kitchen into the living room, or changing your entire bathroom into a wetroom.

If you only have one bathroom, then a big selling point these days is two bathrooms. If you have the space, think about an en-suite; or you might be able to build one into an extension.

A project that has a high ROI and doesn’t break the bank is replacing your front door, especially if your new one reduces draughts and is more secure than the old one.

If your windows are old or tired-looking, maybe they need to be replaced too. Modern double-glazing is even better at reducing your energy bills, so this could be a real draw.

It’s not just the inside of the house that counts – your garden might need a bit of work! Look at new landscaping ideas, maybe some low-maintenance but exotic new trees, or new flowers. If your pathways are cracked and worn-looking, repair or replace them.

If you can afford to convert your loft, then do it – this always gives a decent ROI. Dormers, if at all possible, are a huge help!

Remember, though, not to over-invest. If you invest £100,000 in your house when the average selling price in your area is £250,000, then you won’t get it back!


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