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Increase Your Kerb Appeal

  • 3 years ago

After spotting your property online, many potential buyers will have a sneaky drive or walk past your place to have a closer look before deciding to book a viewing. It’s important, then, that you make a great first (in the flesh, anyway) impression by having some serious kerb appeal.
Here’s how to boost yours.

Paint your front door

Unless your door is spanking new, the chances are that it could do with a new coat of paint or varnish to freshen it up. If it’s really old and tatty, it might be time to get an entirely new one.
Do something to the windows as well
Make sure your windows keep up with your front door, in terms of colour scheme, newness and overall style. You should arrange for a window cleaner to come over at least once a month to keep them looking clean and shiny (and effortlessly transparent, too…).

Tidy up your garden path

After all, it leads to your revamped front door! If your path is gravel, invest in a clean new batch. If it’s concrete or paved, bust out the jet washer and always, always, keep it free of leaves.

Mow the lawn

A clean garden path needs a nice orderly lawn next to it. Rake up leaves, keep the grass level and the edges neat and fill in any sparse patches with rapid-growing grass seeds.

Add some seasonal decorations

Now, this doesn’t mean an illuminated inflatable Santa! Keep things welcoming and subtle – a colourful door wreath, some tasteful fairy lights, non-scary pumpkins, pastel Easter decorations…you get the idea.

Paint your exterior brickwork

This is a slightly bigger investment than the others, but if your exterior is looking a bit tired or out of step with the rest of the block, it might be time for an update. If your estate agent took the photos before this paint job, make sure you get a couple of new outside shots to replace the old ones.

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