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Interior Design for Renters

  • 7 years ago

One of the problems with renting a property is that most landlords don’t want you to do any decorating so you can’t put your own personal stamp on the place. You may be able to paint, but only as long as you return the walls back to their original neutral colours. You certainly can’t knock down a wall or hang a picture up – unless you want to lose your deposit! So, how can you make your rental property feel like home? It can be done, certainly; you just need to think outside of the box.

Work with the walls

If you can’t change the colour of your walls, make it work for you. If they’re a bright white or a light neutral, bring in some vibrant soft furnishings to act as a contrast. Think about colourful rugs, cushions, bed linen and furniture to break up the whiteness – the colours will stand out even more. If your landlord is agreeable, then you could try some nail-less picture hanging strips to hold up prints and photos.

Move the furniture around

It’s great if you have your own furniture, as this gives you some flexibility. If, however, you’re living in a furnished house or flat, then you have to work with the items you’ve got. You could try rearranging, of course, which can often give a whole new look to a room. Using colourful throws is also a great idea, as is bringing in some smaller items of your own like side tables.

Instant wallpaper

If you feel like adding a statement wall to a room but you really need your deposit, then you can put some wallpaper or paint on an MDF or plywood panel and lean it up against the wall. Just make sure no paint rubs off on the wall underneath…

Add some greenery

A really easy way to add some character and colour to the place is to bring in some houseplants. They can add some life to any space and they’re very portable too, which is a definite advantage. What’s even better is that some varieties of plant help to purify the air while they’re performing their makeover – how could you resist?

Get the lights

You won’t be able to move the ceiling lights, but what you can do is to change the lightshade to your own taste, as well as to bring in your own floor and table lamps. Again, these are portable and will dress the rooms it’s more in line with your character.

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