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Interiors Trends for 2022

  • 3 years ago

As a result of the covid pandemic, our homes have really become our castles, our keeps, our offices, our studios and even our holiday homes.

It’s no wonder that many of us are primed to redecorate and even remodel our interiors in 2022. Giving our homes a new look will help us to shake off the turmoil of the last two years, as well as show our homes how much we appreciate them.

If you’re looking for inspo for your post-covid redecoration project, then look no further because here are the trends that are set to grace many an interior next year.

People will still be organic in 2022

Bamboo, raw natural materials and reclaimed wood were all popular in 2021 and there’s no let up as we head into 2022.
Bring in more wicker, jute, found objects and upcycled furniture to stay on trend next year.

Cottage chic will be huge

Cottage chic is the next step beyond shabby chic, because it’s more than just floral wallpaper and mismatched plates. Cottage chic is actually a way of life, not just an image. We’ve spent two years making our own sourdough bread, growing our own herbs and raising backyard chickens, so this experience is finding its way into our homes in the shape of recycled textiles, patchwork throws, recovered vintage chairs and indoor planters.

Speaking of green living rooms…

Next year is set to be green. No more dark blues and greys, we’re all about bringing the outside in, possibly in response to spending most of 2020 and 2021 indoors!
Our walls are going to be all shades of green – sage, mint, emerald, aquamarine – with lots of mixing of shades for a layered, natural effect. This effect will be carried over into soft furnishings and accessories, with lots of different textures, as well as a veritable forest of pot plants and indoor herbs.

There’s some serious retro going on

But 2022 could be the year where the 1960s, 70s and 80s really come to life. So much so that it could feel as though we’ve popped back in a time machine. The big obsession next year is likely to be furniture, and we’re talking serious investment pieces that last for decades to come.
There’s always some retro going on somewhere, but in 2022 the 1960s and 1970s will make a serious comeback as people hark back to a simpler era. Most of this comeback will be in the form of furniture, with big, bold pieces dominating corners with their velvety goodness. Orange and brown velvety goodness at that, with big cushions, round shapes and deep squishiness.

Everything’s still multifunctional

Covid meant that our homes became everything – office, gym, cinema, mini farmyard and studio – so the lessons we leaned about using our spaces and our objects in multifunctional ways have “set” and just become part of our lives.

That weird space under the stairs? It’s a hot desk and sourdough bread-proving room. The alcove in the corner is a reading nook and the windowsills in the bathroom – the ones that get really warm – are now herb gardens.

We’re all thinking about how we use space and objects and how we can get even more out of these resources so next year, we’ll see this reflected in our interiors.

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