Is Your Roof in Top Condition?

Added on December 5th 2016

Is Your Roof in Top Condition?

If you’re about to put your house on the market, you need it to be in the best condition it can be, and this includes your roof. The poor old roof is often neglected and forgotten, but it’s there, keeping rain, snow and wind out of your house, year in, year out.

If there’s one thing that’ll put buyers off, it’s structural problems; and you may not notice them developing until you get a leak or the surveyor points out missing roof tiles and your sale is suddenly off.

A stitch (or tile) in time…

If there’s a leak, it can cause a lot of damage and the expense far outweighs the cost of making sure your roof is in good condition to start with.

Inspect yourself

That is, do it yourself! Check for dark spots or strange bubbling on walls and ceilings on the top floor; if your house has fireplaces, look for these signs around them, too. If all’s good, check the loft. Try to do it on a sunny day as you’ll be able to see the light coming through loose or broken shingles.

The outside of the roof

This is something you shouldn’t do yourself! If you can see your roof from a distance, then use binoculars to look over it if possible; if not, then call in a roofer to inspect it for you.

You should be looking for missing tiles, any strange dark lines or patches as well as curling of shingles or any unevenness. If the roof looks old and buckled, that’s probably because it is! It could be time for a new one.

Your chimney

You might not use your chimney any more, but if your house has one, it still needs care and attention. Look at the flashing to make sure it’s still in place and intact. While you’re at it, look at vents or skylights as well, to make sure they’re not damaged or leaking. If you’re unable to do this yourself, or you’re not confident, it’s always best to call in a professional.


Many roofs sport a fetching covering of black algae, and while this isn’t great to look at, it’s harmless. Moss, sadly, holds water which can penetrate into the roof over time. If you have moss on your roof, you can, if it’s new, sweep it off. If it’s been there for a while, though, you may need to kill it off with a chemical solution.

Clean the gutters

Cleaning your gutters regularly is a good way to keep them working properly. They’re there to take water away from the roof and if they’re blocked with leaves, then they can’t empty. The water collects and can soak into the roof, causing rot.


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