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It’s All About the Lagom

  • 7 years ago

We’ve already taken hygge to our hearts and after seeing how much simple, cosy joy this Scandiwegian (ahem) concept has brought to our lives, it’s time we all embraced lagom.

What is it?

Lagom is pronounced “lah-gom” and it means “just enough”. Not too much, not too little, but just enough to keep you on the right side of comfortable without going overboard. It’s a way of balancing your life, as well, so that no one element dominates the others – family, work, hobbies, relaxation – they all get just enough time to be fulfilling without taking anything away from the others.

The wider environment could do with some lagom, too; stop using too much water, buying too much food for your needs, spending too much…

How do you achieve lagom?

The simplest way to get lagom is to declutter a bit. Objects can weigh you down and make you feel hemmed in, with no room to breathe. Have a look around your home and ask yourself if everything you see gets regular use or makes you happy. If there’s anything that doesn’t fall into either (or both) camps – recycle it, give it to charity or put it in a yard sale.

Do away with fancy design

Form and function should be perfectly balanced, so no over-engineered equipment, no frilly furniture. Try to include as much multi-functional items as you can, made from sustainable woods and other materials and always look to save space.

Rug up

Think in terms of preventing cold, rather than generating heat in your home. Insulate the loft, cut out as many draughts as you can and turn down the thermostat by a degree or two. You can bring some hygge into play here by using thick blankets, rugs, and throws to keep warm – that’ll help to keep your hands away from the thermostat. Think about installing a wood burner – it’s almost carbon-neutral and it is ultimate in hygge.

Make do and mend

Don’t just throw things away because they’re slightly damaged – if you still use a piece of furniture or an appliance, see if you can get it mended or give it a new coat of paint before binning it.

By adopting lagom, you’ll save time, money and improve your life balance so you enjoy everything more – what’s not to love here?

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