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It’s Never too Early for a Spring Clean

  • 5 years ago

The snowdrops are out and the days are getting longer – spring is in the air. You should, by now, have packed away the last straggling bits of tinsel and you definitely should be thinking of that spring clean.

Don’t wait until spring

You shouldn’t put it off until March, though; especially if you’re planning to sell your house or it’s actually on the market. You need to get cracking now so that you’re a few steps ahead of your rivals. Here’s what you can do to spruce the place up before spring and summer start in earnest.

Re-seed your lawn

The chances are that there’ll be no more heavy frosts now, so if your lawn is looking a bit threadbare, it’s time to put a bit more life into it. Choose a frost-resistant strain of grass if you’re worried about the cold and then wait for the green shoots of recovery.

Clean all of your windows

Winter air might feel crisp and clean, but all that rain, snow and sleet do leave their marks on your windows. If you’re also near a road then you may have salt deposits on the glass as well, so removing the grime of winter is a priority.

Swap out your soft furnishings

If you’re a fan of thick throws and blankets (and who isn’t when it’s winter?) then, as painful as it might be, you’ll have to retire them until November. Make sure that you bring in lighter, airier and brighter cushions, curtains, throws and so on to reflect the warmer seasons.

Deep clean your carpets

Unless you’re all very committed Scandinavians, then you WILL walk through the house with shoes on at least once a week. It’s a bad idea any time of the year, but winter is especially troublesome as there’s mud, leaves and dirty water to add to the mix. Hire a carpet cleaner or get someone in to give those carpets and rugs a proper going over so they look a couple of years younger, at least.

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