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Living the Bungalow Dream

  • 6 years ago

In the UK, bungalows tend to be found in more rural or suburban areas, where space isn’t at such a premium and houses can spread out rather than go up. Living in a bungalow does have some advantages so if you’ve never thought about one before, read on to find out more.

Bungalows are more accessible

Most bungalows in the UK are occupied by older people or people with mobility problems because there are no stairs to contend with. This is probably the number one advantage, although bungalows aren’t just for these demographic groups.

They have a modern, open-plan design

Having an open-plan interior, as most bungalows do, makes the inside feel more spacious. Bungalows can be seen as quite traditional and conservative, but being open plan makes it easier to incorporate modern, minimalist interior design.

They sell well

At the moment, bungalows are selling very well indeed so if you are looking to buy one, you won’t have to worry about selling it again a few years down the line. You can also think about loft conversions and extensions to make it even more attractive.

Bungalows are usually detached

Being detached, rather than semi-detached or terraced, offers more privacy and less noise from neighbouring properties. They often have big gardens so there’s lots of opportunity for hedges for more privacy and maybe even a vegetable patch.

What to think about before buying a bungalow

Can you extend the property easily or will you need to apply for planning permission?

Is the property suitable for a loft conversion? If it is, will you still have enough storage space downstairs and upstairs?

Is there a large plot of land attached? If there is, then you’ll have more room for extensions or garden rooms. If you’ve been looking for your ideal house for a while with no luck, then a bungalow could provide you with the chance to build it for yourself by adding extensions.

Could you live in an open-plan setting? If you could, and you want to create a modern interior, then a bungalow could be ideal for you.

Do you need extra accessibility? If you do, then you’ll find a single-floor dwelling much easier to convert than a two-storey house.

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