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How to Make Buyers Fall in Love with Your Property this Autumn

  • 4 years ago

Autumn is one of the best times to go to market as people are back from their summer holidays (even if it was a staycation this year!), the kids are back at school and the idea of being in a new home by Christmas is tempting.

There’s a lot of factors going for you if you decide to sell in autumn, but you can help yourself along even further by following these tips.

Use more lights inside and outside the house

The nights are drawing in and once it gets to late October, late afternoon and evening viewings will be in darkness. To combat this and to show off your home as much as possible, increase the amount of light both inside and in the gardens. Highlight your garden path and any other external features by adding fairly lights or spotlights and make sure that there are no dark corners inside the house.

Offer a warm and cheerful welcome

The days are often warm and bright, but there’ll be the occasional cold, grey day and evenings will definitely have that distinctive autumn chill. Make sure your heating is on at least half an hour before a viewing if it’s cooler outside and a mug of hot chocolate won’t go amiss.

Tidy up the garden

There’s no point in stringing up fairy lights around your garden if they only serve to illuminate lots of fallen leaves and dead flowers! Everyone knows there’s less plant activity during autumn, but no-one likes to see the dead leftovers of the growing season. Rake your lawn as often as possible and make sure your borders are tidied up. You should also put summer garden toys like paddling pools into storage and replace them with some colourful pumpkins.

Make sure your photos and virtual tour is filmed on a sunny day

If you can, have the photographer come along on a sunny or at least relatively bright day so that online viewers can look out through your windows as well as see the interior at its best.

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