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Make the Most of Your Boxroom

  • 7 years ago

There’s always one room in every house that’s just that little bit too small to really get any serious attention. In most homes in the UK this is the boxroom in a three-bed semi – usually the room of the smallest family member and later on a cramped, slightly neglected office or storage space.

Just because it’s small, however, doesn’t mean it has to be neglected or overlooked, or given short shrift when it comes to decorating. Done right, a boxroom can actually add value to a home – anything up to another 10% – even though it’s only small. Here’s how you can make the most of your smallest room.

Choose your furniture carefully

Before you even think about heading for your nearest Swedish furniture store, measure your wall space and your floorspace. Opt for slightly scaled- or slimmed-down items that leave more floorspace. Curved furniture eats into walking space without adding any functionality, so straight lines are necessary here.

Have an all-singing, all-dancing bed

A storage bed, or a high-rise one which has a wardrobe, drawers and even a desk built in is ideal in a small room. Younger children love them as they’re very den-like, especially if you have string lights and cushions and if the bed itself is above head height, there’s lots of room for play.

Let lots of light in

Avoid heavy, bulky curtains in a small room and choose blinds instead. Not only do thick curtains cover part of the window even when opened, they take up a lot of room when space is already at a premium.

Think about a folding desk

If you don’t fancy a high-rise bed, then a folding desk, maybe even a wall-mounted one, is a good solution as it only needs to come out when there’s homework.

Use clever storage solutions

Think tall and narrow, as well as wall-mounted, when it comes to storage in a small room. If some shelves are just above head height, for example, they’re still accessible but aren’t taking up walking space.

You’ll find you need more storage in a smaller space, as there’s no room to leave toys and books out, so you have to (ahem) box clever…

Use your illusion


Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel bigger, so use mirror tiles to effectively make a room feel double its real size. You should also use pale neutrals on the walls and floors, too.

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