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Make the Most of Your Loft

  • 3 years ago

A loft conversion is so much more than chucking out boxes of ancient Christmas decorations, adding soundproofed floorboards and insulation and remembering not to bang your head when you stand up.
By really thinking about your loft space and how you use it, you can find lots of ways to get the most out of it.

Replace some or all of an end wall with glass

You’ll end up with a huge triangle of light that’s idea for a desk or a reading nook. The only downside is that finding blinds or curtains can be a bit more complicated (but not impossible), so think twice before placing your bath near it!

Design a customised walk-in wardrobe

You can section off part of the eaves with full-height wardrobes, with the doors and drawers facing the exterior wall. Install mirrors at the end to make the space feel bigger and brighter.
If there’s a bit of room left at the “outside” of the eaves, you can add in some low-level storage for shoes or out-of-season clothes.

Squeeze in a bath

If your loft only has one full-height wall, then you might not have room for a shower, but you could still fit in a bath under the eaves. You can add a glass wall or another form of divider to section off the space and offer some privacy.

Use a wardrobe as a divider

You probably think of wardrobes as standing parallel with your walls, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. You could install a wardrobe that stands at 90 degrees to the wall so it functions as a divider as well as a wardrobe. If you’re worried about blocking out light, opt for a half-height wardrobe.

Be as bespoke as possible

By using bespoke furniture and storage, you can maximise the storage and decorative space available. Having cupboards and drawers designed for the exact purposes you have in mind for them also helps you to keep the space tidy and in order. You won’t have anyone trying to jam winter jumpers into your tiny nail varnish drawer, for example.

Add a mezzanine

Best suited to taller lofts, a mezzanine level is great for a child’s room, whether it’s where the bed goes or whether it’s a separate play area. You can bring further interest by using shelf-steps (it’s a thing) or even a mini climbing wall as the way up to the platform. Do use a barrier on the mezzanine if it’s a bed-space for a child, though, for extra safety.

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