Making the Most of Evening Viewings

Added on July 2nd 2016

Making the Most of Evening Viewings

One of the great things about summer is the long days and if you’re selling your property, the extra daylight can go some way to combatting the usual summer slump in house sales.

With a bit of flexibility and creative thinking on your part, you can bump up your viewing figures, making it much more likely you’ll be in your new place by autumn. Here’s how:

Change the bedtime routine

Families with small children normally find evening and weekend viewings difficult – supper, bathtime and bedtime can often clash with appointments. Choose a couple of nights a week when you can comfortably forgo the bath; then feed the kids non-messy finger-food and let them play outside or stay up for an extra 15 minutes. It’s worth it to get feet through the door.

Lay on some al fresco refreshments for viewers

If the viewing is in the early evening, it’s possible people will be coming straight from work, feeling hot, bothered and peckish. Offer them some refreshing drinks (non-alcoholic as people may be driving) and some reasonably substantial snacks – no-one can think sensibly when they have low blood sugar!

Deck out your backyard with fairy lights and plant some flowers

You’re aiming for the opposite effect of a winter viewing, when you want to demonstrate how cosy and safe your house is. Make sure your viewers can imagine themselves – next summer – in your garden with a barbecue on the go and a soft summer breeze wafting gentle floral scents their way.

If all else fails, treat the family to a meal out

Some people really don’t like the vendors being present when they’re coming to look at a house and if you’re going to lose the appointment otherwise, then bite the bullet and eat out. It doesn’t have to be fancy – it could even be a picnic at a nearby park or field – just don’t let the kids get too used to it!


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