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Making the most of that Under-stairs Cupboard

  • 4 years ago

Most under-stairs cupboards are simply neglected. They become the dumping ground for files, old toys, lonely shoes and, well, anything you can’t be bothered to sort out or throw out just yet.

This is a crime against space (it’s a thing…) and it must be put right. You might have heard of people turning this cupboard into a tiny bathroom and so if this appeals to you, go for it. There are dozens of other ideas, however. Here are just six.

A children’s play area

Nearly all children love having a teeny-tiny space that’s just for them, filled with their books and toys. Having this extra playroom keeps the rest of the house tidier, as well as providing a chill-out zone for your kids and their friends alike.

Extend your kitchen into the space

If your under-stairs cupboard follows on from your kitchen, then you could convert it into a pantry, or keep your dishwasher, washing machine or freezer in there. This frees up more space in the rest of the kitchen.

Create a reading corner

This could come after the kids have grown up a bit and need somewhere to curl up and read. Make it comfortable and install a decent reading lamp to avoid eyestrain.

Install slide-out drawers

If you’re always running out of storage space then turning your entire under-stairs space into a phalanx of sliding drawers is a great idea. It’ll involve knocking out the wall and some serious woodwork, or you can bring in a professional instead – it’s not as expensive as you might imagine.

Build a small office

Your under-stairs space could be perfect for a desk and chair, although you might need to think about adding a small window or vent to make sure you get enough oxygen to that hard-working brain.

Set up a guest bedroom

Forget about Harry Potter’s tiny hidey-hole as you can do much better. With a single futon or fold-out bed, as well as a little table and shelf, you can squeeze in a guest – or even a couple of younger children. Do remember ventilation, though.

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