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Making Your Home Staging Successful

  • 2 years ago

Home staging is styling and presenting your home in a way that will appeal to buyers. A successful home staging campaign can bump your selling price and also help you to find that buyer more quickly. 

Here are the top 11 ways to successfully stage your home.

Unleash your kerb appeal

Your kerb appeal is important because the outside of your house is the first thing viewers see. Mow the lawn, pull up weeds, jet wash the path, paint the front door and hide your bins and children’s garden toys away. 

Appeal to all senses

Your viewers have seen all the photos and the 360-tour so when they step into your home you need to play on other senses to maintain the impact. Play some soft music, make sure the indoor temperature is comfortable and waft some lemon or vanilla essential oil around the place.


Yes, it’s your home and you like to have all your things around you, but you’re trying to persuade someone to part with some serious cash to make it their home. This means you have to depersonalise the place a bit. Sports trophies, fridge magnets, some or most of your books and knickknacks – they all need to go into storage to create a spacious blank canvas for buyers’ imaginations.

Use fresh new throws to revive old furniture

In order to keep them fresh and new, store them away until you have a viewing, then place them over tired sofas and armchairs as well as over your beds. It’s cheaper than new furniture and very effective.

Put up a few more mirrors

You can pick up cheap mirrors at charity shops or bargain stores and then hang them opposite windows to increase the light in the room and add a feeling of space.

Invest in a set of special viewing towels

Keep them out of reach until you’re expecting viewers and then stack them, in all their fluffy resplendence, on your bathroom shelves.

Set the dining table

It’s an old trick but it’s a good one. An elegant-but-welcoming table setting makes people imagine the dinners they’ll have in your dining room when it’s theirs. If you have an outdoor space and it’s summer, lay out an alfresco setting as well.

Head to the garden centre

Bringing flowers and plants into your home is another great staging idea as it makes people feel fresh and relaxed.

Hide wires and chargers

Not only does a tangle of electrical leads and chargers look messy, it might make people think you don’t have enough plug sockets. 

Clear your kitchen counters

Getting rid of any clutter on your counter will make it look bigger, open up the kitchen and let people imagine their own gadgets there instead. If you have any particularly fancy or premium kitchen appliances, then leave them in place (maybe give them a buff…), but phone chargers, scorched wooden spoons and comedy mugs have to go.

Hide away all but one of your TVs

Most staged homes have one TV at the most, because a TV screen is a focal point and draws people’s attention. It can also make a small room feel even smaller and cluttered, so just leave the main TV in place and make a plan for all the others.


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