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Need a Good Asking Price? You Need These…

  • 7 years ago

If you’re about to sell your home, you should understand what the buyers out there are looking for. Wants and needs change with the years, so comparison peeps GoCompare did some research to find out what’s on most house-hunters’ wishlists these days.


Unsurprisingly, central heating is the big must-have, with 69% of potential buyers demanding it. Double glazing wasn’t far behind at 68%, then a garden, which was essential to 65% of buyers.


As you can imagine, househunters want secure doors and windows (61%). Secure parking or a driveway is vitally important to 54%, as is enough electrical sockets so that occupants can have all their gadgets without having to re-wire the place.

Amenities and fun

Plenty of nearby shops and amenities matters to 50% of people, with a good broadband connection becoming a must-have for 49%. Internet access is actually more important than people now, as friendly neighbours are vital to 47%.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Two toilets in one domicile is becoming standard now, with 46% of people expecting them, as well as a bath (at the very least) and a good energy efficiency rating. A new boiler and a central heating system would swing it for 45% of buyers and a good mobile signal would bring in 44%. You also need to highlight your separate shower cubicle (if you have one, of course…), your garage, your dining room and your living room, but only if it’s big enough to accommodate one of the larger flatscreen TVs.

Falling out of favour

Amazingly, good local schools have dropped off the list of major must-haves, with just 13% of househunters regarding this as vital. It could just be that people are more prepared to travel further these days to do the school run.

Open-plan rooms, combined kitchen and dining rooms and period features have also dropped off the radar in recent years, possibly not before time…

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