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Pop-up Prices

  • 6 years ago

The last few years have brought us pop-up events in spades. Once upon a time it was just the annual fair, but now it’s farmers’ markets, mini-festivals, gigs, sports events and fun-days. Not only are these events good fun to attend, they also boost an area’s house prices if there’s enough of them.

Research by security and safety company ATG Access has found that the more pop-up events an area has, the greater the sense of community spirit and therefore the greater the selling prices to people wanting a piece of the action.

Pop-up and popular

Almost a third of the UK public attends a pop-up event at least twice a year and areas that hold them regularly get an increase of more than a quarter (27%) in visitor volumes.

ATG’s study, which involved 1,000 UK households, found that these events attract more house-hunters, which in turn raises prices. One in ten house-hunters said they’d decide whether to move into an area or not according to how many public events it had.

Families with young children in particular are drawn to neighbourhoods with a sense of community and plenty of things to do, so if your house is one of these places, make sure it doesn’t go unmentioned!

It’s not just the money

Almost half (45%) of the survey respondents said that having lots of events brought the community together and helped to foster inclusiveness.

Of course, it’s the bigger cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol that have the biggest clout, but smaller towns and villages aren’t shy either and something like a busy farmers’ market or a smaller jazz festival is enough to draw in the crowds.

Knock-on effect

If an area holds regular events then the footfall in the place goes up, which in turn encourages businesses to set up there, which then brings in the residents.

You might live somewhere with a well-known event that attracts people from overseas, or you might live mere metres away from the best little farmers’ market in the region, it doesn’t matter. Just make you tell your potential buyers know all about it if you want to reap the rewards.

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