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Preparing For an Autumn Sale

  • 8 years ago

Preparing For an Autumn Sale

Autumn is the time of the year to put your property on the market if you’re after a quick sale – everyone’s back from holiday and back at school, but no-one’s thinking about Christmas just yet…perfect.

If you’re about to go to market, hurry up and make the most of the time before the clocks go back, and try out some of these handy tips – you never know, you could be in a new house for Christmas!

Sort out the garden

There will be some dead leaves and debris from summer on your lawn, so rake them up, tidy away summer toys like paddling pools and trim away dead blooms. If some climbing plants have grown over your windows, cut them away to let in as much light as possible.

Think about your kerb appeal

Get some fast and late-blooming flowers or plants and place them in pots by your front door. If Halloween is approaching, arrange some attractive squashes and pumpkins by your doorstep – try to get as many different sizes and colours as you can to create more interest.

Clean the windows

It rains more in summer than any other season; there’s also dust and lots of insect activity going on and so by the end of the summer your windows may well be dull and streaky. Give them – and the frames – a good old clean, inside and out.

Get your fireplace ready

If you have a working fireplace, sweep it out and stage it so it looks ready to be lit, with piled logs and a shiny fireside set. If you don’t use your fireplace, then you should still clean it out, re-black it and arrange some decorations in it.

Use an autumnal palette

You need to think reds, yellows and oranges – the classic autumn colours. Invest in some new cushions, throws, even some new furniture pieces. Place pine cones and other autumnal decorations on mantelpieces, shelves and tables, as well as grouping together some candles and lighting them just before people come to view.


Let in as much light as you can – open the curtains, raise blinds, turn on all the lights and lamps, replace old, dim or broken bulbs, dust the lampshades off…think bright!



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