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What Should You Do if Your Property Isn’t Selling?

  • 3 years ago

We all know it takes three or four months, on average, for a house sale to complete in the UK. However, some seem to zoom through the process and other properties linger on the market for a while before getting any offers.
If you’re in the latter group, you can get more and more stressed as the weeks pass by without so much as a nibble. Here’s what you should do to speed things up a bit.

Reassess your valuation and asking price

The biggest factor in a successful house sale is getting the price right. You could have great transport links, green parks and outstanding schools right on your doorstep, but if you’re asking for too much money, it will deter buyers.
Speak to your agent again to see if a slight readjustment might be a good idea. At the very least, compare your property to similar places on the market in the area, as well as recent sales, and make sure that you’re in the same kind of price zone.

Become just as proactive as your estate agent

Act as if you’re moving house next week! This doesn’t mean scouring supermarkets for discarded cardboard boxes, though, it means being ready to move. Get all of your financial ducks in a row so that when a good offer comes in you can proceed onto your new home as well. In addition to this, be as available as you can be for viewings, chats with your agent and yes, maybe start looking for packing materials…

Think about online viewings or hosted walkthroughs

One reason for your property languishing on the market could be covid-19. If you’re finding it difficult to have in-person viewings because of the restrictions, then this will slow things down somewhat. A good solution is to be ready to host live walkthroughs as well as order a virtual property tour to go on the agent’s website.

Make sure you have a great estate agent

As long as you have the right agent, you’ll sell and you’ll get the right price because you’ll start off at the right price! You’ll also have someone who’s dedicated to selling your property and who can pull in all the right prospective buyers and tell them all they need to know about the area.

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