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Could These be the Reasons You’re Not Selling?

  • 3 years ago

When you go to market, you’ll be hoping for a quick sale for your asking price at the very least. However, you might suddenly realise that a few weeks have ticked by and no-one’s made an offer, or a sensible one, anyway.
You’ve done all the tidying, planted some new flowers, got some great photos up on your estate agent’s website, but no-one’s biting. You might be being held back by one or more of these less-obvious buyer turn-offs.

Poor or no security

If your door and window locks are old and flimsy, or you don’t have a sturdy high fence, a visible alarm system or if there are other security concerns, you’re going to struggle to sell.

Small rooms

Your floorplan should reveal how big your rooms are, but if they feel cramped as well as being on the more diminutive side, you should try out some staging techniques that’ll make your spaces feel larger.

Funny smells

Pets, paint, damp, food, teenage trainers… They can all contribute to a nasty fug that could lead to viewers voting with their noses. Track down the sources of damp smells, chuck out old trainers and make sure you don’t cook anything for an hour before a viewing.

Slow broadband

This could be a serious disadvantage, so find out when your location is going to be upgraded and let potential buyers know, especially if it’s going to be quite soon.

A small kitchen

There’s not much you can do about this, apart from improving your storage facilities or moving your washing machine to another room (if possible).

Evidence of pets

Some people just don’t like the idea of moving into a house that’s had pets in. Make sure there’s no lingering odours and, if necessary, promise to deep clean carpets before you leave.

You have a swimming pool

While this might seem like a dream to some, for others it’s an extra cost (pools are expensive to maintain) or a big body of water where they’d prefer to have a vegetable garden.

You’re at the wrong price point

If you’re priced too high, no-one will come to see it and if you’re too low, people will worry about subsidence, nightmare neighbours or plans for a 24-hour casino next door. Listen to your estate agent here, even if you don’t like it, as they’ll find the right banding.

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