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Refresh Your Place on the Cheap

  • 7 years ago

So, you’ve decided to sell. This means you have to make your home look as appealing to buyers as you possibly can, but this also involves a significant outlay, both financially and timewise. Well, not necessarily. There are a few things you can do cheaply, or even for free, that will give the place a lift. Let’s have a look at eight of the easiest and most effective.

Get the mood right

Change your lightbulbs from harsh bright white ones to softer, more welcoming lights. Try bulbs that give off slightly yellow or red tones for a warm, softer glow.

Clean those windows

You can do this yourself for free, or get a professional in. Either way, clean windows let in more light and this will be obvious even on overcast days, from the inside and the outside.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, just clean it

The smaller details of your home will escape your attention, but if you do something with them all, it’ll provide a nice lift. Look at switch plates, plug sockets, door handles, the walls in high-traffic areas and so on. They will probably have grubby fingermarks or look a bit yellow. Clean or replace them – dead simple.

Offer a warm welcome

So, you have the kerb appeal nailed, now it’s time to create your garden path appeal. Get a new doormat, scrub the porch and fix that blown lightbulb. You should also clean or repaint your front door and maybe replace your house numbers.

While you’re at it…

Your front door isn’t the only thing that needs a retouch – look at the window frames and give them a lick of paint or a good wash-down.

Use your common scents

Ahem. Get baking just before a viewing, or make some fresh coffee. If you can’t, then use a scented candle instead, and make the upstairs smell of lavender, especially the bathroom.

Sort out the garage

Turn your garage into a multipurpose storage or work area. Install shelves for tools and bikes, and create a workstation in one corner. Make it another room, not just somewhere where the cars sleep.

Accept people will take sneak peeks

They’ll snoop in your medicine cabinet, your fridge, your cupboards, your bedside table… If there’s anything you wouldn’t want your mum to see, hide it.


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