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See the Bigger Picture – How Below-par Photos Can Slash Your Selling Price

  • 7 years ago

There are entire websites devoted to rubbish estate agent photos; pages and pages of soul-destroying, dank, grainy and off-centre snaps that really don’t scream “Buy me!” to the world.

While these sites are great for a laugh, the truth is that dodgy estate agent photos can really affect your asking price – and not in a good way. People will forgive poor lighting and even a bit of graininess, but what they won’t be able to see past is the content of the photos. There are some things that, once seen, cannot be unseen and so will nix most potential sales in seconds.

Here are a few of the main offenders.

The current owners lurking in corners

It’s a psychological thing, mainly. If there’s an image of the current owner, maybe reflected in a mirror or loitering just outside the back door, buyers will feel intimidated. They’ll wonder whether the owner will actually leave, or whether they’ll stay on like a lost soul…forever.

Evidence of weird hobbies or collections

OK, everyone needs a hobby, right? Not all hobbies are equal, though. Your passion for china dolls in all manner of international dress is great, but you really need to remove your girls, in all their cellophane-wrapped glory, out of shot. Not only do they clutter the place right up, but they will make people think they’ll never really own the property themselves – there’s just too much of you in there. Plus, you seem like a weirdo…

Obvious fish-eye lens shots

It’s not the 1970s; people are wise to these tricks and they also can see the floorplans. It’s a broom cupboard not a bedroom. People don’t like being lied to.

Quirky photos done badly

If a property has an unusual feature then it’s always a good idea to take a pic or two, but as it’s already an unusual feature, it doesn’t need any more special treatment. No funny angles, no filters, just a well-composed and lit photograph; that’s all buyers want.

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