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Selling at Christmas – Make it Happen

  • 7 years ago

A few short years ago buyers, sellers and estate agents alike used to grimace at the prospect of Yuletide marketing. The cold, dark nights, the fact everyone’s off on holiday or slumped at home eating tubs of brandy butter and the rush to get ready for the big day meant a big slowdown.

Now, however, people tend to be busy all year round and the property business realised it was missing a trick. Seller and buyers too are missing out on what can be a really easy time of year to make a sale. Here’s the key points to consider.

Fewer properties come on to the market

Not everyone has got the news yet, it seems! There is a slight slowdown around Christmas, still, but like all things, you can use it to your advantage. There’s less competition and if you’re taking some time off, you can host an open day viewing and have more viewings earlier in the day while it’s still light.

As a buyer, you can get the best tip-offs at this time

Many vendors start the ball rolling in November and December for a January launch. Ask your agent about any properties that are due to come on to the market just after Christmas and then make an early strike. You will make everyone jolly – it’s the season for it, after all.

Don’t go overboard on the décor

If you’re a big Christmas fan – you know, flashing reindeer on the porch and all that – rein in the baubles this year (sorry). Low-key, classy and welcoming is the way to go if you want to impress buyers. Use a modern, subtle style that doesn’t cover every cornice and window – viewers might think you’re trying to hide a damp patch…

Mull some wine and bake some gingerbread

You want viewers to imagine themselves in your house next Christmas, so use their sense of smell to reel them in. Cinnamon-scented candles, cloves, gingerbread and pine needles are all very evocative smells and instantly create good associations.

Here’s to a happy new year in a new house!

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