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Selling in the New Year

  • 2 years ago

You might think that trying to sell your property in winter is a bit of a non-starter and while it’s true that the market does slow down over Christmas, it comes back to life in January and February.

New year, new start

The Christmas period might not see many new instructions, but property portals and estate agent websites certainly see a lot of action, with several million extra hits each week. People are on holiday and have more time to browse their dream homes and this, combined with the backlog of people waiting to get Christmas over before going to market, causes a big uptick in activity.

This sudden spike can be, then, the ideal time to sell your home. In fact, for most of January and some of February, there’s usually a higher number of hunters than sellers, so find a great estate agent and get on the market now!

Tips for selling your property in the first few months of the year

Despite there being more potential buyers than properties in the market, you can’t rest on your laurels because by mid-February you might have some competition. Here’s a few tips to help you to stay ahead of everyone else.

Make sure there’s no Christmas clutter lying around

It’s hard to let go of that festive feeling, but if that inflatable reindeer is still larging it in your garden by February then it’s really outstayed its welcome. The same goes for indoors, too. Tidy away every last bauble and shred of tinsel, as well as stray rolls of wrapping paper and greetings cards. You need your home to look spacious and ready for the exciting year of change ahead.

Turn up the heating a notch

You don’t want viewers shivering as they walk around your home, so turn up the thermostat and make your place feel like the cosy nest it is. Turn all of your lights and lamps on too, so that all corners are well-lit and visible. No-one’s going to buy a murky and cold garret, after all.

Do a spot of DIY

If you didn’t manage to get around to fixing those tiles and replacing that scuffed skirting board while you were off work over Christmas, then now’s the second-best time to get to it! Sometimes it’s the little touches that make all the difference.


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