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Selling in the Summer

  • 8 years ago

Selling in the Summer
Although summer is everyone’s favourite season, it’s not the best one to sell a property in as people are on holiday, kids are off school and folks want to kick back a bit. Spring and autumn are best, but of course life doesn’t always work to a schedule, so if you find yourself on the market in the summer, here’s a few ideas to help things along.

Mow your lawn every few days
Your grass will grow a lot faster in summer, so make sure you keep on top of it – mow twice a week – more if you feel it’s necessary.

Increase your kerb appeal
The first thing viewers see is the front of your house, so make it look its best – tidy up the garden, keep the path clear and welcoming and paint your front door.

Let the sunshine in
Heavy, thick curtains are great for keeping out draughts in the winter, but for summer you want to get as much natural light in as you can. Replace them with low-weight, gauzy drapes or even blinds to brighten rooms as much as possible.

Consider late showings
A big advantage to summer selling is the longer daylight hours – offer to receive viewers in the evenings, or even in the early mornings. You could squeeze in a few extra potential buyers that way.

Set up a stall outside
Set up your garden furniture to make a cosy-looking space outside – invest in some new pieces if what you already have is looking a bit tatty – and invite viewers to relax for a few minutes. If it’s particularly hot, you could always…
…offer some homemade lemonade and snacks

Clinking ice cubes in long tall glasses, slices of watermelon, maybe even a hot dog and potato salad for the evenings – try to make each viewing an experience they’ll remember.

Bring the outside in
Forget those awful synthetic air fresheners that some vendors assault viewers with – cut flowers, lavender and open windows are all you really need.

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