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Selling Up with Kids

  • 4 years ago

Selling up and moving is a stressful time, even though you’re an adult and in control (kind of) of the proceedings. It can be really difficult for children, especially younger ones, to cope with the run-up to the move, the move itself and then the settling-in period.

Here are a few handy tips for helping your youngsters to move house without too much upset.

Get the kids involved with packing up

Many children worry that they’ll have their possessions taken away from them during the move, so let them get involved with wrapping and packing their toys, books and furniture. Suggest that they give away a few items if necessary, but don’t pick these things out yourself.

Talk to them about everything

Obviously, smaller kids aren’t going to be interested in stamp duty, but they might wonder why the nice people who visit and look around don’t want to buy their bedroom. Similarly, they might worry that the old house will be lonely and empty, or that they won’t make any new friends themselves. Give them enough time to express their fears and ask questions.

Give them some responsibility

This could be making sure your pets have enough food and water on moving day, or that their younger siblings have their comfort toys for the journey. You might let them have some say over any decorating plans you have for the new place, too.

Visit their school or nursery, as well as the local parks

One big source of anxiety is not knowing who their new friends will be and what their new school will be like. Spend an afternoon or two at the park nearest to the house you’ll be moving into so you get an idea about people – you might even meet some new chums before you move. You could also visit the school, even if it’s just for a look-around, so that it’s not completely alien to them on that nerve-wracking first day.

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