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Selling Your Property in Autumn

  • 5 years ago

The nights are drawing in and the early mornings aren’t always quite as warm as they were a month previously… It’s the approach of autumn and this is actually one of the best times of the year to go to market, as everyone’s back from their holidays and ready to start moving. Don’t just rely on autumn to do the work for you, though. You need to follow these seven easy tips to seize the day (or the season…).

Keep on top of your lawn

Start a lawn-raking campaign so that litter, leaves and other detritus doesn’t build up on your lawn or any other outdoor space. Trim all your borders and dead-head any faded blooms that had their day in the summer.

Offer a warm welcome

Lots of early autumn days can be very warm, but towards the end of the season, there’s a definite chill in the air. If you have a viewing on a cooler day, then turn on the heating half an hour beforehand so that the place feels welcoming. A working fireplace or log burner can be a serious advantage here, too, as a glowing, crackling fire can transform a space.

Turn on all the lights

Even on a fairly bright autumnal day, use this handy showroom trick and turn on every available light so that no corner goes unilluminated. This means all the under-cupboard lights and even the ones in your cooker hood. Bedside lamps are especially effective as they can turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Give yourself some old-fashioned kerb appeal

If there’s one thing we can learn from the Americans, it’s how to make a house look great from the outside in. Clean the porch, paint the door, jet wash the garden path and add a collection of interesting pumpkins and hanging baskets.

Don’t pack away the barbecue just yet

By the time the clocks go back at the end of October, then you should have packed up all your summer fun equipment. If it’s a bit of an Indian summer, however, leave it out as long as you can so that viewers can imagine themselves flipping burgers next summer.

Add a bit of plush

Bring in thick woollen and velvet throws and cushions to your reception rooms and bedrooms, as well as luxurious new rugs and thick curtains. This creates a welcoming, safe cocoon-like feeling.

Appeal to the sense of smell

Autumn has its own smell, more than other seasons, so play up to this with spiced candles, fresh baking smells and vanilla oil in the burner. Make your viewers want to curl up and hibernate in your home.

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