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Should You Join the National Landlords Association?

  • 5 years ago

The National Landlords Association (NLA) is a membership group for private residential landlords. At present, it has more than 41,000 members and it helps landlords to navigate the hundreds of regulations and Acts of Parliament associated with this sector.

The association also represents the interests of its members locally, nationally and Europe-wide with the aim of creating a fairer system and environment for both landlords and tenants.

Training and advice for landlords

NLA representatives also run local meetings and training courses for members across 100-plus locations in the UK. This helps landlords to meet one another and also make contact with local authorities.

Landlords can also use the NLA’s dedicated advice line when they need support and assistance. The people staffing this line are themselves experienced landlords and in 2018 the line handled more than 40,000 calls.

Who are the members of the NLA?

The UK’s landlords are not one homogenous mass! There are NLA members with an extensive property portfolio and others who have become so-called “accidental landlords” after, for example, inheriting a property that they’re not ready to sell yet.

What are the requirements for joining the NLA?

The only membership requirement is that you own at least one property that you rent out, even if only partially. No matter what the size of your portfolio is, the NLA can give you access to various discounts and signpost you to recommended services and products.

How will joining the NLA help me?

Landlords are increasingly expected to be professional and responsive to the needs of tenants. The NLA can help you to achieve these aims by offering advice and educational resources to guide you through whatever life as a landlord throws at you.

Being an NLA member also makes you more credible as a landlord, as well as helping you to stay abreast of all the legal and regulatory changes within the private rental sector.

Does the NLA offer licences to landlords?

The NLA does offer a nationally-recognised accreditation scheme and once a landlord has this accreditation, they can advertise it to letting agencies and to tenants. This helps to build trust between them and their tenants, which in turn makes for happier and more stable tenancies. The accreditation comes from either attending a course or using the NLA’s online resources.

If you’re interested in joining the NLA, then call 02078408937 for more information.

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