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Should You Stay or Should You Go?

  • 5 years ago

Moving house is a huge deal. Sometimes we’re forced into it by downsizing or by a job opportunity, but sometimes it’s just itchy feet or a desire for a new lifestyle. In these cases, you shouldn’t rush into anything. Ask yourself these questions before calling your local estate agent.

Will you miss your current home?

Does your current property have anything in or immediately around it that you’ll really miss? A stream, a meadow, an amazing fireplace? Think about how, or if, you can replace these features.

How will a move affect your job?

If you’re moving for a better job, then just crack on! If you’ll be keeping your existing job, think about how your move will affect your commute. Will you have a study for working from home? How’s the broadband in your new postcode?

How will it affect your relationships?

Will the move put pressure on your relationship or improve it? How will it affect the kids and their schools? What about your pets? Your friends and other family members also need some consideration.

Will you be less or more safe?

What’s the crime rate like in your current and potential new area? Are there any natural hazards, like flooding or extreme weather there?

If you’re moving somewhere that’s a bit edgier, or more remote, how will you deal with potential issues?

Can you afford the move?

Do you have enough money to pay the stamp duty and the removal costs as well as to make any repairs to your new place?

Is it the right time?

Has your current property appreciated in value enough yet? Are the kids doing their GCSEs? It might make sense to wait another year so you can get that garden room, or until you’ve paid some more of the mortgage off.

Where will you go?



It’s tempting to think about sticking a pin in a map and going, but realistically you have to ask yourself what amenities and resources you’ll have in your new location. What are the schools like? Is it a welcoming community? What are the house and grocery prices like there?

How much space will you have?

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, you still need to think about how much space you need to live comfortably and to have all your things around you. Is there potential for an extension? Could you extend your current place and stay where you are instead?

What will your social life be like?

If you’re not moving too far away then your existing social life probably won’t be affected. However, if you’re moving quite a way away, then you need to think about how you’ll maintain links with friends and family. You also need to think about how you’ll make new friends. Are there clubs you could join there?

How noisy will it be?

If you’re moving from the city to a rural area you might hear some new noises! Alternatively, if you’re moving from a quiet village to a town or city, then the sounds of traffic might come as a shock.

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