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Why Spring is the Best Time to Sell

  • 3 years ago

It does go without saying that a great estate agent will be able to sell your house at any time of the year, but it does seem that once spring is in the air, people’s thoughts turn to moving.

Spring has traditionally been the best time to put your house on the market. Is it astrological? Is it hormonal? Is it because people have paid off their Christmas credit card bills and feel ready to face the commission? 

As with most things human, it’s a complex combination of reasons, whims and practicalities. Here’s just a few as well as a tip or two on how to make the most of them.

Your garden is looking great

After yet another miserable cold and dark winter, the ground is coming back to life and we’re seeing more colour and activity going on at ground level. Tidy up your garden and plant some fast-growing flowers, string up some fairy lights and bring in some bright new outdoor furniture to bump up your kerb appeal.

The days are longer

More and brighter daylight always makes things better. Early evening viewings are suddenly awash with light, both inside and outside your property and people are more likely to actually turn up because of this.

Buyers are more motivated

Getting people to turn up to a viewing is a large part of the battle! The increased daylight means more energy and dynamism, with potential buyers feeling more inclined to get out and about at weekends and evenings. The increase in footfall (as it were) also causes an uptick in prices, so you can’t go far wrong if you sell in spring.

A spring or summer sale dovetails nicely with a new school

Families look to match their purchase with the end of the school year, so they’ll be nice and settled in their new home and ready for the start of the new school year in September. 

What could be better?

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