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Spring-cleaning Tips

  • 7 years ago

Spring is without doubt the time of year to sell your home. Summer is pretty busy as well, and even winter has caught on a bit in recent years, but spring is when everything from sap to restless homeowners get moving!

If you’re about to go to market, or if you’ve been on for a few weeks and you’re getting ready for the onslaught, you may well benefit from these tips for that all-important pre-sale spring-clean!

Invest in a carpet cleaner

If you have carpets or rugs and they’re looking a bit tired, it’s worth paying for a professional cleaner to come in and give them a lift. There’s also the cheaper option of hiring a cleaning machine for the weekend, but whichever you choose, give the carpets a few days to dry out before your first viewings.

Clean the skirting boards and your light switch panels

You’d be surprised how grubby these get without you noticing, so make them a priority. It’s the little things, remember.

Clean your porch

Make sure your front door is looking as clean and fresh as possible – if necessary give it a new coat of paint – and polish any brass fittings. Sweep up any leaves and other winter debris, arrange some pebbles or flowerpots, change the lightbulb and sweep up the garden path.

Store or bin unnecessary clutter

An essential part of any spring clean is to throw out, donate or recycle anything that you’re not using any more, so do it! Think of it as lightening your packing load for when you finally move…

Start using eco-friendly cleaners

Ditch the choking, artificially-scented cleaning fluids and start using more eco-friendly ones with essential oils in. You can’t beat the smell of real lavender or lemon, it’s classy and welcoming, plus, cloying fake smells make viewers wonder if you’re covering up even nastier pongs.

Clean the windows

If you’re pressed for time, do the porch and windows first. Clean windows let in more light and their sparkle is noticed from the outside as well.

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