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Sprucing Up for Spring

  • 6 years ago

We’ll all be especially grateful for spring this year, after one of the coldest, wettest winters we’ve had for a while. Estate agents also look forward to spring, as it’s their busiest season; something about the sap rising and chicks hatching makes everyone think about new beginnings and new homes.

A meaningful spring clean

Everyone should perform a spring clean whether they’re moving or not, but if you are thinking of pastures new, then it’s doubly important that you present a clean, attractive image to the world. If you have plans to be in a new home by summer, then here’s what you need to do to help things along.

Tidy up the garden

Winter is tough on gardens – the lawn can take a real battering and so it may need re-seeding. Similarly, your garden shed may have succumbed to heavy frost or rain and need a new roof. You’re bound to have some dead leaves hanging around still, as well as some tatty-looking Christmas decorations (shame on you…). Spend some time getting everything back in order and then plant some spring and summer blooms.

Clean your windows

Inside and out! Winter is hard on windows too – mist, rain, salt, mud, grease and so on can all combine to dull the internal and external surfaces and make the inside seem dingier and the outside grubbier. Get a professional window cleaner in for a really sparkling finish, especially if you’re in a hard water area.

Rearrange your furniture

OK, your viewers won’t know you’ve done this, as they’ve never been to your house before, but you’ll know and it’ll make you treat the place differently. Moving your furniture around often leads to you chucking tired old stuff out, buying new cushions and cleaning that corner (finally). The whole space has a lift that comes across even to people who have no idea what it was like before.

Invest in some new curtains and throws

A new season can mean a new colour scheme, so even if you still like your older soft furnishings, swap them out with the latest colours and fabrics, at least until your find a buyer. Think vibrant, metallic and even floral if it goes with the rest of the place. Even if you don’t hang some new flowery curtains, you can buy some vases and fill them with the real thing.

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