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Staging Your Reception Rooms

  • 5 years ago

When you’re selling your home, it’s not quite enough to place a vase of flowers on the dining room table and clear away a few cobwebs. These days, you need to go all-out to impress viewers and to make them want to make your home their own.

The most important rooms are undoubtedly the kitchen and the reception rooms, with your reception rooms needing a bit more staging than the kitchen. Here are some great ideas for getting it right first time.

Your living room

When you’re adding or arranging anything, always aim for symmetry, whether it’s cushions or lamps. It’s attractive and calming.

If you don’t have any lamps, invest in some as they brighten up the space and also add a focal feature.

Clean up your fireplace if you have one, replacing any worn fireside items and the back of the fireplace if it’s discoloured.

You can always buy a bright new slip cover for sofas and chairs, or at least some new cushions. Choose bright, light shades to bring cheer and an airy feeling. If you’re using throws instead, buy in new ones so the whole look and feeling is fresh and bright.

Place a few items of furniture in storage to make the room feel and look more spacious.

Make people imagine their lives in your house by leaving a travel book open on a coffee table, or an ornate tea set.

Dining room

With your dining room, you need to get people thinking about entertaining or enjoying family meals in there. Set the table with some new flatware (no chips in sight!) and maybe some wine glasses and a bottle on the sideboard.

Don’t aim for a formal look; you should have some splashes of colour here and there, with maybe a runner on the table, unusual candle holders and other friendly-looking decorations.

A few extra tips

Start to declutter already! You’ll have to pack up anyway, so make this process work for you by depersonalising your home and making it more spacious.

Swap out dim bulbs for high-wattage ones, preferably colour-changing LEDs.

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