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Summer Selling!

  • 6 years ago

Traditionally, summer was one of the worst times of year to sell a property. The school holidays and actual going-on-holiday-type holidays used to get in the way of a serious selling campaign so many people used to wait until autumn to get moving.

However, going to market just before or during the summer can make life a lot easier and can mean you’re in your new house before the days start to get shorter. This is how you make the most of the warmest season.

Use the sunlight to get some amazing photos

The flowers are in bloom, sunlight is streaming through the windows and the sky above your roof is cerulean blue. Perfect! Clean those windows, mow the lawn, water your hanging baskets and prepare to get snapping.

Or rather, get a professional in to do your photos so you have the right lighting, the right angles, and the right editing. You’re (almost) literally making hay while the sun shines.

Your ‘For Sale’ board will be particularly effective

Around 20% of enquiries come from people who’ve seen the ‘For Sale’ sign outside a house or flat. More people are out and about in the warmth and extra daylight, so more people will see it and hopefully get on the phone within minutes. Make sure you get a sign put up as soon as possible.

Use an enhanced listing

More and more people are finding their new homes online so a well-photographed and crafted listing, allied with the extra footfall that summer can bring, can generate a lot of interest. If you go one step further and upgrade your listing, you could be packing for more than just your holiday…

Go ahead and book a holiday

You might think that you have to stay around all summer to receive viewings and give instructions but it doesn’t have to be the case. There are virtual house tours that can give interested parties a taste of your property no matter where they are or where you are.

You can also ask your estate agent to keep in touch online while you’re abroad and to conduct viewings, too. Think about it, you’re lying on a beach rather than messing up your house in between viewings, so how could things be any better?

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