Taking Care of Valuable Items During a House Move

Taking Care of Valuable Items During a House Move
Added on March 30th 2020

Moving house usually means that you lose one or more items along the way, most often things like chargers, books and even sentimental things like jewellery. In the midst of moving day chaos, it can be difficult to keep track of all your possessions, so you need a plan of action to help you along. While losing a charger is irritating, leaving behind passports or other important documents, keepsakes or beloved toys can be devastating, especially if you’re moving a long way away.

Here’s a few tips to help you get yourselves and the things that matter safely over to the other side.

Pack up your valuables first

Start wrapping and packing your most valuable items a few weeks before moving day and put them all in a designated box. Doing this while you still have plenty of time means that you’ll take care with them; you’ll also have enough time to spot the things that need to go into the special box.

Make a list

Once something is placed into the special box, add it to the list that you’ve started on the side of the box. It’s especially important to list documents and files as it’s not always immediately obvious what’s in an envelope or folder.

Think about placing really valuable things in storage

One good way to keep your valuables safe and away from all the chaos is to pack them up and move them into a storage facility until you’re moved in and comfortable at the new place.

Use a reputable and trustworthy removals company

The key to looking after your valuables during your move is to hire a removals company that is experienced and professional. If you have antiques, valuable furniture, clocks and similar items, then you need to be sure that your removers will make the right preparations to move them properly and safely. Even if this involves extra cost, you need a team that will take the extra time to wrap up valuables, especially if they’re old and delicate, securely enough to prevent bumps and scratches during transit and unpacking.

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