The Best Colours for Interiors in 2020

The Best Colours for Interiors in 2020
Added on March 2nd 2020

Whether you’re looking to update a property before it goes to market, or whether you’re just aiming to breathe new life into your home, using the latest colours and shades is important, especially when the prevailing trends in interiors are changing. It seems that the new decade is bringing in some new hues, so here are some of the most popular colours for 2020.

Warm, rather than cool, pastels

Pastels are still with us, but we’re moving away from the cooler areas of the palette to warmer, more organic tones. Instead of barely-there blues and pinks, we’re seeing paints with richer, earthier undertones to add more depth and texture.

A new type of monochromatic

Monochromatic isn’t always black or white, it can be a dark blue, an aubergine or even a rich dark green. These hues make a definite statement while providing a comforting warmth to interior spaces.

Natural, organic shades

In another move away from the cool, distant and sophisticated pastels, greys and metallics, natural shades are coming in to bring a taste of the organic. This doesn’t mean just browns and greens, though; yellows, ochres, reds and berry-blues are very much the order of the day (or year).

Blues, green and greys

Reports of the deaths of blues and greys are somewhat exaggerated; they haven’t gone away, they’ve just become deeper and darker. Choose more saturated shades to add an extra dimension to your interiors, as these colours will change appearance slightly according to the light source and time of day.

Earthy shades

It seems that cool definitely isn’t anymore! Lots of people will be returning to earth with warm chocolate browns, olive greens and muted ochres instead of pastels and neutrals in 2020.

Jewellike darker shades

It is possible to be dark and vibrant at the same time and you might find yourself walking into a friend’s kitchen and seeing a dark, shimmering emerald green on the walls, or a garnet-like dark red. Say goodbye to greige at last!

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