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The Tile is High

  • 6 years ago

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and, alongside the kitchen, is the space that can really make or break a sale. Oddly enough, both the kitchen and the bathroom tend to be tiled, so how can you use tiles to bring in the punters?

Chipping out the dated old avocado tiles and getting creative is a good start, so if you’re looking for inspiration, here it is.

Use some encaustic tiles

Encaustic tiles have their patterns created by different, usually contrasting, colours of clay rather than glaze, so even if the tile is worn down, the pattern stays. They’ve been around since medieval times and were especially popular in the Victorian era but now they have a modern twist with more subtle shades and simpler geometric designs. You could always go retro, though…

Terrazzo tiles

These mosaic marble tiles were popular in the 1920s as flooring, but they’ve moved onto the walls in recent years and offer homeowners a cheap way to bring in an Art Deco look.

Oversized hexagonal tiles

The normal-sized black and white hexagonal tiles have been around for ever but now you can go large and go home! Even better, you don’t have to stick to black and white as these huge tiles come in a big range of colours.

Herringbone tiles

Rather than laying out rectangular tiles in linear, well, lines, you can use a herringbone or chevron pattern to update the look. You can use the same shade or colour throughout or jazz things up with contrasting hues. Just consider the size of your bathroom, though, as smaller rooms are better off with the same shade.

Mosaic tiles

These are great! You can use them on a feature wall, or, as they’re small, on a curved surface like a shower cubicle. These colourful (or, if you want, monochrome) tiles come in glass, metallics, iridescent ceramics, stone, see-through, textured…you name it, there’s a tiny tile for it.

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