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Turn your Garden Into a Wildlife Paradise

  • 8 years ago

Turn your Garden Into a Wildlife Paradise

We all need to look after our wildlife, but if you live in a semi-detached house on the outskirts of a big town or city, you might be wondering exactly how you can transform your backyard into a paradise. You don’t have to go overboard, though; no-one’s asking for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. You can do four very simple things to attract and look after the wildlife that’s so vital to a healthy ecosystem.

Install a bird table

Most of us put seeds or suet balls out, especially in the winter, but how many of us put out water for them? In summer and in winter it can be hard for them to find enough water, so give them a place to drink and bathe. Change the water regularly and clean the bath out with an eco-friendly detergent if it grows algae.

Hang up some bird boxes

They’re fed, watered and clean, so why not give them a place to sleep? Wooden bird boxes are easy to make or cheap to buy, and you can get advice on the size of entrance hole so you can attract particular species.

Whatever size you use, hang it up in a sheltered spot away from the wind or driving rain. Once it’s up, it may take a while for someone to move in, so be patient.

Try an insect hotel

We need pollinating insects for our food chain, so give them a helping hand by installing an insect hotel in your garden. You can either make or buy them and they provide a safe haven for solitary bees, as well as ladybirds.

Feed the butterflies

Who doesn’t love butterflies? They look great and they also do their bit to pollinate. By planting lavender and buddleia, among other plants, you can attract them into your garden, where they’ll suck on the nectar and help the flowers to grow.

Even if you don’t have space for new shrubs and plants, you can still lay out slices of ripe orange, or make up a sugar syrup for them to fill up on. If you put out syrup in a shallow dish, use a brightly coloured sponge in it so they are attracted to it and have somewhere safe to land.

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